Our goal is to pursue opportunities in which the potential for value creation outweighs the associated risks.

“Bespoke strategies, a wide-range of know-how and operative excellence form the pillars of our success.”

Co-Founder & Managing Partner Patrick Reich

We assume a hands-on asset management to mitigate and manage risks we have identified during the investment process. To identify and fully understand imbedded risks, a specialist is required who commands over extensive experience, a profound understanding of local markets and displays superior efforts and skills. We believe to have become that specialist by focusing on what we do best: core-plus and value-added commercial and residential real estate investments in Germany.

We therefore focus on bottom-up opportunities that allow us to be rewarded for operational excellence across cycles and independent from macroeconomic trends.

Value Added Strategy

We invest in assets that can be acquired at discount to replacement costs due to identifiable and correctable impairments. Among others such impairments may include a requirement for recapitalisation, a need for restructuring of the tenant base or a rectification of technical issues.

Our proactive, decisive and pragmatic asset management approach allows us to overcome such impairments. It is evident in the revitalisation achieved by targeted capital expenditure initiatives, the optimization of tenancy structures and ultimately by the re-gearing and releasing of lettable space. Upon completion of our business plan, we sell the assets to institutional and private investors targeting stable and sustainable investment opportunities.

Project Treptowers, Berlin
Acquisition 2011
Net Lettable Area 35,100 sqm
Status Exit in 2013
Use Type Office

Core-Plus Strategy

As with our value-added strategy, we focus on assets that allow us to unlock additional value through operational excellence and a hands-on approach. With this strategy, we focus on good quality assets with a lower risk profile by being situated in good to very good locations of gateway cities. Value in these cases can often be more inaccessible because of long term lease structures that need to be dissolved before additional capital deployment allows a repositioning of the asset. Our core-plus strategies therefore often entail a longer hold period and greater focus on the current income component.

Project Schützenquartier, Berlin
Acquisition 2018
Net Lettable Area 20,300 sqm
Status Exit in 2020
Use Type Office